Get Real

Are you about to quit smokingagain?

Did you give up smoking some time ago and manage to stay quit for a while, but then, for some odd reason, start smoking again?

Have you promised your family you’re going to give up smoking again but you’re scared to try because you don’t really want to?

And are you planning to use some form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) like you did the last time, because you found it to be such a big help back then (maybe even too much of a help, as you found yourself using it for a lot longer than the recommended 6 to 8 week "treatment" period)?
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Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been quit for some time — maybe even a fairly long time, like a year — and you think you’ve pretty much got it all under control; you rarely even think about smoking any more. Then, one day, you walk by the smoking area at work, or you see a group of friends standing together smoking, and, instead of feeling sorry for them, you want to join them.

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