Quit by Choice

while you still have a choice.

Talking Back to the Inner Junkie

Have you ever felt unsure about being in control of your own thoughts? Like your mind is divided; one side wanting to stay free and the other seeming to be actively looking for excuses to relapse? This is not at all uncommon, and it may be helpful to think of yourself as two separate people: "you" and your "inner junkie":


You are a rational, thinking person who realizes that it’s slow suicide to continue to smoke and wants to stay free. You are not looking for reasons to relapse.

Your Inner Junkie

Your inner junkie, on the other hand, is an irrational, obsessive-compulsive personality whose only concern is getting its next fix. It doesn’t care about you, or the fact that feeding it will kill you, all it knows it that it’s hungry.

The Junkie’s Tricks

The inner junkie’s main problem is that it can’t get its next fix for itself; it needs you to feed it, and its only hope of doing that is to "psyche you out". Its most effective weapon is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of rationalizations for smoking that it hands to you in such a way as to make them seem like your own thoughts.

They’re not.

Your Power Over the Junkie

The main thing to realize about the inner junkie is that, because it can’t feed itself, the only control it has over you is the control you give to it. This gives you ultimate control over it.

Another thing to realize about the inner junkie is that it’s like a willful child: it will do its best to make your life miserable if you don’t give it what it wants. So, like any good parent, you have to learn to say, "no." Of course, the inner junkie will throw temper tantrums when you do: it will scream, it will stamp its feet, it will cry, it will pout, it will do whatever it thinks will push you into giving in and saying yes.

How to Win

Stay firm. Tell it "no" and send it to bed without its supper. Keep telling it no and, eventually, it’ll go to sleep.

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