Will I Have To Quit Drinking When I Quit Smoking?

Have you ever noticed that you always end up smoking more when you’re drinking? Are you worried that you’ll have to quit drinking when you quit smoking because you won’t be able to stop yourself from reaching for a cigarette whenever you have a few drinks?

This is an issue that many (if not most) smokers go through when they’re about to quit, and there’s good reason for concern: I can’t tell you how many quits I threw away over a few beers, and I know plenty of other smokers who could tell you the same story.
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Developing Awareness

Although I think the slogan, “Kick the Habit” is about as wrong-headed as it can be, there is a very strong habit component associated with smoking for all long-term smokers, and the habitual nature of a lot of our smoking can be a real stumbling block when we quit if we’re not prepared to deal with it. This is why I keep talking about eternal vigilance and being conscious and aware of what you’re doing. Continue reading Developing Awareness

You Are Not Your Addiction

If you’re having a challenge with those internal arguments that never seem to end or resolve (“have to quit smoking” / “scared to quit smoking”; “want to quit” / “don’t want to quit”; “ready to quit” / “not ready to quit”; etc…), it may help if you personify your addiction (I’ve always thought of it as my “inner junkie”); this way, you can put some distance between yourself and your addiction.

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